Monday, May 9, 2011

What a week it's been!

This post could also be titled,
" Excuse me, I've misplaced my week."

Foot surgery last week has not only knocked me on my rear, literally, but it has also made days and nights flow in to one stretch of time that flows in and out of sleep, pain, nausea, apologies, dizziness, etc.

Today, I climbed the stairs on my knees  because I just HAD to accomplish something. I can't think of anything better to fulfill that need than a few quick ATC's!

So, I sat down at the table, propped up my foot on a chair and could only work supplies that were within reach. It wasn't much. I left a few treasures scattered on the floor from my "super-magic-crutch-maneuver-extend-a-reach" trick but at least Zoey kitty will have something to play with. I'm sure when I look back at the ATC's without the narcotic haze I'll be embarrassed that I sent them out for swaps.

Being an invalid has brought me to a few very definite conclusions. 
1 - My system is not built to handle heavy narcotics  - anything I've said, typed, etc over the last 5-6 days should be questioned.
2 - Confined to a couch/bed/chair/etc is awful and anyone who deals with that confinement on a daily basis is someone to be admired.
3 - When the Dr. tells you to "stay off your feet" there are usually multiple reasons. You should listen and heed the advice.
4- Keep a few art supplies on every floor of the house :)

The last day before surgery, I did get a few projects finished up and sent out. The only one I can find pictures of is this Pocket Booklet Plus. The Plus was to add some supplies that your swap partner could use in future altered art projects.

More crafting as the fog in my head lifts. I'm confined to no driving for at least another week.


  1. Love all your crafting!! I wish I could find motivation these days, but maybe I'm just being lazy. I've lost creativity & really would like it back--[I'm simply in a bad mood] Here you are climbing stairs on your knees to get stuff done--Ha!--Maybe you are just the motivation I needed ♥♥♥ Thanks for sharing ♥

  2. Be careful, drugs and stairs are not a good combo. Love the artwork though.