Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lots going on!

Just a few quick pictures. Some haven't arrived at their destinations yet so don't look to the end of the post if you are expecting something from me :)

 I made a bunch of these bed spring candle holders to send off to a friends shop in Boston,

and a quick Spring tag for the May Tag Swap

I've had lots of meetings at the new studio trying to help with events and organization. I had a dear friend come and stay for a week. We've been friends since I was 15. So, about 10-12 years now. hahahaha! Do the math and, NO. Don't do the math. Anyway, her husband (that I introduced her to) just passed away and she needed a retreat to the J&D Bed and Breakfast. We had a great week but did so much running around and catching up that we did very little art work or crafting.

A crystal and vintage brass swan charm for a swap and the receiver loves pink so I attached it to a pink themed tag,

I also had to do this monstrosity that is called a "Bunting banner" ? thingy-ma-job. Have I mentioned I don't sew? Yeah, I probably have. So it was supposed to be made of scraps and have tabs or a fold-over or something on the top so it can be hung. Of course I HAD to use velvet for the front with a muslin back. Velvet is very difficult to sew. Have I mentioned I don't sew? I added a few vintage elements, beads, tatting, hand stamped and tea-dyed muslin and also had to do hand sewing ! Did I mention... oh yeah. So, disappointed but just had to give up. It looked so much better in my head. lol No pictures!

Foot surgery on Wednesday so I may not be back to craft for awhile. Kinda hard when your foot needs to be above your heart. Still trying to figure out how that's going to happen for 6-7 days.

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