Sunday, June 12, 2011

too much. brain toasted. nearing mumbling and drooling stage

Without the gory details, we are minus one lovable little fur baby since my last post, almost lost a second fur baby and I'm still in a boot cast and can't wear shoes. We have had a friend stay for a couple of weeks, my brother and his wife were here from San Diego for a weekend, we found out that we will need to move soon and I'm sure I've forgotten something as that doesn't seem like I've listed enough for only 30 days worth of events.  
Here is one of my biggest challenges at the moment:

This cute little dog of mine is wearing a children's tank top is to keep her from chewing out the metal staples that run from her neck to her nether regions. The vet's  instructions are to "keep her quiet and calm". Do these doggie Dr.'s not have experience with terriers?

On the upside, I have been making and mailing off a few crafty things here and there but the taking of the photos has been hit or miss with more misses. Here are a few of my last month's worth of creations.
altered spoon - now spoon mirror
altered clothespins
muslin drawstring bag

altered slide mounts

There have been Altered Tins, Bottles, more ATC's, Chunky book pages, Chunky Tags, Lots of jewelry for a show I did, (Punk Rock Flea Market) handmade charms and other things I can't remember. 
Hopefully things will be at least semi-normal very soon!

Last but not least:
R.I.P. little Zoey kitty 6/2009 - 6/2011
We love you and miss you every day :'(


  1. I'm sorry for your furbaby loss. :( I hope that both you and your other furbaby get to feeling better soon!

    Eerie - one of my furbabies is a medium-hair black kitty (she has a white chest/chin and belly)...and she's also named Zoey.

  2. Thanks Amanda. Funny how they become our children. Great minds think alike! I picked her name because she was a little quirky and so petite. It's a French name and just seemed to fit her :) She was all black with little gray tufts behind both ears. Give your little Zoey an ear rub for me. -Julia-

  3. Oh've certainly had more than your share to deal with! I LOVE the atcs! Time to move again? I thought you just moved. Again....I am terribly sorry about Zoey:>(

  4. OMGosh! Just came across your blog and love it! Was wondering if you would share the dimensions for the altered clothespin matchbook cover! So clever and great teacher gifts for this year!

    Sorry to hear about your fur-baby! We have 3 and I can't imagine our lives without them....

    Take Care -
    Beth (

  5. Hi Beth!
    Thanks for popping in!
    I didn't really measure the paper for the pin holder. I just laid out the clothespins on the paper, left room to seal the edges, marked it with a pencil and used the paper trimmer. I added the ribbon as a way to hold the cover closed. It just kind of developed out of necessity.

    Diane - yep, a move. We were just care taking/renting. We thought it would be a bit longer but all is well. I'm ready to get back to the city where I belong :)