Tuesday, October 11, 2011

time at the Studio

So, this week is the 1st official time that I'll be back at the Studio since moving into the new building. I've spent a lot of time there doing other projects, in meetings and helping with little things here and there but I haven't really had Guests. 

I'm hosting a Girls Night Out this week. We will be catching up with each other, eating treats and making Open Top Terrariums. I'm looking forward to it. I've really missed the girls. I'll be sure to take pictures ;-)

Meanwhile, I've been working on little crafts here and there to keep me going. Lots of ATC's, most of which I forget to scan or take photos of,  but a few other things as well:

This little white bag with a pleated bottom was sent through the printer as a test. I think it came out great! I was so surprised. I did have problems with one that was black ink. It smeared across the folds. I think a bag that doesn't have a pleated bottom would work better.

My 1st Altered Domino. I decided to keep it simple and just made it a magnet.

I've made quite a few more altered spoons (mirror) I keep getting requests for them. I'm not very good at remembering to take pictures.

I stumbled across a swap for altered Rolodex Cards and I remembered that I have a big rotary flip file stashed in a box. I dug it out and joined a few of the swaps and I love it! I can hardly wait until my card file fills up. What fun to have a rolodex full of art inspiration sitting right on my desk!

A couple of Halloween things:

can't get enough of these little charms:

another Rolodex card:

Halloween ATC

I need to get better at taking photos. 
I usually remember just after I've finished packaging to mail :-/