Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday evening

So, the new studio space is painted, basics are moved in and I'll be hosting the first crafting group on Wednesday! 
I'm tired and my hands are sore (from the death grip on the roller) but the new chapter begins. More on that later :)

I did get a chance to finish up a little shabby chic hand mirror that had to be glued in stages. In my rush to get it mailed, I forgot to add a ribbon.

I keep making things to send off and forgetting to get pictures. Yesterday, 2 little houses of 3 sent came back to me for additional postage. Since I had to repack and take the old postage/shipping label off I decided to take a couple quick shots of them.

back of house below

I think I'm done with the little houses and the mirrors. Of course, there will likely be a quick-craft workshop on each of them but I think a bit of a break is in order.
The Amazing handyman, painter, mover, sign guy is going to swing shift at work starting tomorrow so I suspect I'll have plenty of time in the evenings to craft and watch DVD's of old FRIENDS  episodes. I love Phoebe the best. Some days I feel like her   o_O


  1. Hey Julia, I guess I'm not the onLy one Ha! I foget all the time. NOW I've got my camera where I can see it at all time§ I Love the houses ♥ LoVe LoVe the key ♥

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