Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Altered Box

Last week during my trip to Dollar Tree for 6 packs of bottled water
I found the cutest little 4x4x4 boxes with lids. 
Knowing that I had a trinket box, tin or jar I needed to alter, I picked one up to play with. I was happy enough with the results that it just got sent off to it's new home.

Because this little box was all finished on the inside for gift giving, all I had to do was work on the outside. I wanted it to be sort of shabby but still have a crisp edge to it. 

A few vintage french book pages, old sheet music. a glass knob, some distress ink, silk seam binding and black gloss paint and it was ready to go. I filled it with shredded book pages from an old book and goodies for it's new owner.

Tonight I plan to work on a 6x6 fabric pennant for a swap. It will be my 1st fabric collage. Wish me luck!


  1. Dollar store is great! I like the glass nob gives it a touch of class.

  2. Julia, I love your things, you do such a pro job on them. I wanted to let you know my spoon mirror is so admired by all my friends. ( the one form the PIF on FB.) Also I wanted to make one but it took me forever to pound taht spoon flat with a hammer but I finally got it there now it is just waiting for decoration. And I noticed you do a lot of swaps, are you in a group? I love swapping and would like to do more. Let me know if you are interested. TTFN

  3. Thanks girls :) I was thinking this might be a fun quick craft for Friday Happy Hour at the studio.

    Wanda - Yes, I belong to a couple of groups that I think you would like. I'll email you.