Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday craft time

Have you ever heard of Altered Slide Mounts?
Well, I hadn't. Then a 4 for 4 swap came up in a Yahoo group I belong to and I knew I'd have to give it a try.

I used alcohol inks to color them. One of the things I love about alcohol inks is that if you are using them on something they can't soak in so they pool and look like a cross between tie dye and reptile scales. They dry pretty fast but I usually coat the with a quick shot of spray sealer just to make sure they never bleed or rub off. When you open these little hinged slides up, you can put a picture facing each way so it's double sided.  The do need a dab of E6000 or Glossy Accents to keep them closed after adding the pictures. My favorite, of course, is the Marie Antoinette one. The picture on the back is a foofy pink cake.

The intent for these is to send 4 and get 4 back from different artists. I guess then  to make them a little booklet like in this turtorial. The Crop-a-dile  make the holes easily without cracking the plastic mounts.

I think they would be really cute for a mom or grandma to hold little pictures of the kids. Especially if it was put together as an accordion type book. 

I'm also working on an altered spoon and did 2 more Marilyn ATC's  for a tag game.

Marilyn Always Sparkles and Blue Marilyn


  1. The slide mounts are really *U*nique! I think my favorite is the first one~~[lil birdies] You did a great job!

  2. LOVE the slide mounts. Call me DUMB& hearing impaired but...after watching her Youtube video I am still not sure how to do this. Are the images reduced & printed on a transparency? Her accent makes it a bit difficult to understand what she's saying...for me anyway!
    You did a fabulous job, Julia! I would love to try these. I have tons of old slides.

  3. These are awesome Julia, what a new fun way to Jazz up pictures. Maybe a class while Diane is here to teach us how to do this?