Saturday, April 9, 2011

Quick Studio peek!

Wednesday night I had my 1st guests at the new studio. 
It's so fresh and new that the first few to arrive ended up helping me take chairs off the tables and wipe things down.

 Laurie Z, Michele and Mystery woman that shall remain nameless :) 
we will call her, "MW" (for mystery woman, duh)

Mami and Jeanne

MW (same MW as above ;) and Kym

Do notice how blank and empty the walls are because you will likely NEVER see them like that again!

It was "Bring Your Own Project, and tools, and food, and drink Night".
I truly had  n-o-t-h-i-n-g  there yet. 
That didn't stop the die-hards though.
Thanks girls for helping me christen the place!



  1. well, I am obviously having fun! :)
    and there's the CROPODILE!(have ya used it yet?!)

  2. What were ye doing in the studio ? nosey me !!

  3. Everybody was doing something different, Patricia! BYOP (bring your own project) night is always fun because everyone's crafts are all so different :)