Sunday, March 27, 2011

an ATC moment

Having so much going on around my place means quicky-projects. So. I'm having an ATC moment. 
I needed to make some backgrounds for a swap (above) and made a few extra to do when I had a chance.

 I discovered that if I use acrylic on watercolor paper and use it straight from the tube, it takes on a leathery finish. I did this background with a metallic gold, tube acrylic and applied it with a crumbled up piece of paper so it would be blotchy. After it dried, I went back over the unpainted spots with alcohol ink and then dry brushed some pale flesh-tone craft paint that was on a brush from something else. It came out kind of a metallic marble look with a leathery feel to the paper.  later on I stamped French text in white and then again in black. It only stuck here and there.

acrylic paint over sheet music
same as 1st but without text stamping
 rumpled paper bag background.

 I did squeeze in a couple of charms that had to go postal right away, a couple more little houses, 2 or 3 more ATC's  and this altered frame.

I just couldn't distress it enough for my taste. I had to work with a bright color for the person I made it for. It was harder than I thought it would be to step away from my comfortable neutrals and monotone.


  1. Looks like you've been a busy girl! :o)

  2. Seems that we have a few things in common~~~[like using thte flesh colored paint on a brush for another project!! Too funny! When I'm really invoLved in seVeral things at onCe I find mySelf crossing oVer the same way! LateLy a simple project makes such a BIG mess too! Ha! O HAPPY DAY!! {{{{{hugs}}}}}

  3. I like the leathery look it gives it depth, different and fun. Looking forward to some classes and an Art Walk next month.