Tuesday, March 22, 2011

a quick post

Key Fob

I made a key chain / key fob for a swap. 
The group is Buttons, Beads and Baubles so that's where I started. 
First, a key ring and a shape in black acrylic. My partner is goth and I wasn't sure which shape to use so I made it with and Eiffel but included a couple of other shapes for her to switch out if she wants.

I added a medium sized teardrop crystal, an old key, a vintage mother-of-pearl shank button and a rescued, vintage black bead. 

Now, off to the mail man!

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  1. I've gotta leave you a comment cuzz everyThing you deSign is so like me--[love my charm]--I have several of my mother's shank buttons & still treasure them toDay!! I know your partner will be impreSSed!! Good job ♥