Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Quick-Craft for a swap

Altered Clothes Pins

I saw this swap and thought, that's something I've never done, I can do it fairly quickly and they might even turn out okay. I had to make 4 for the swap and tried to make them in the taste of my swap partner. I have some ideas for some grungy designs for a later date.

 In use

 Final packaging
I had a vintage packet of glass, flat back rhinestones that I used for the flower center and as I was putting the paper packaging in the garbage I realized that it's kind of cute and would be a great way to clip them to something to ship them off. 


  1. Hi Julia I have the post up now with your lovely pins.Thanks again

  2. all I can say is cute cute cute! Love the music sheet clothespins! :-) Amy

  3. I started to join this swap & for some [senior moment] reaSon I didn't ♥ wiSh I had now. TheSe are so so CuTe.